Zachrilege Cast

Zachrilege Cast #211 — Nick Fish

February 5, 2020

American Atheists had a tough choice to make in September of 2018 when looking for a new President. They went for an internal candidate who had been working in activism/secularism/politics for the last decade in Nick Fish. He's moved around the country to be where the activism is. He's settled into New Jersey but will be in Phoenix this April at the American Atheists national convention. It's the easiest convention to remember when it is. Easter weekend. See, atheists usually have not much to do that weekend other than watch Christians perform pagan fertility rites. In any case, the conference is coming up so if you can attend, you should. If you can't make it, you always can get involved because AA is very much a volunteer organization and if you haven't heard, the evangelicals are going wild in state legislatures. 

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