Zachrilege Cast

Zachrilege Cast #206 — Krista Cox

November 21, 2019

I couldn’t go one episode without discussing the atheist Voldemort -- I kid, after all I can still say the name of David Silverman three times without summoning an army of MRAs. Krista wrote an article about the history of how the atheist community got where it is today. The thing is, it’s totally ok to have smaller communities if need be. When did she decide to write it? What was the process like? How many times did she have to trash the whole thing? Which celebrity kitty would she adopt. Good thing there’s an interviewer here to take care of the important work. 


“If you need me I'll be in my bedroom fellating intersectionality.”


Krista links


Silverman/AHA article

To be “fair and balanced”, here’s Dr. Valarie Tarico’s takedown of SJW culture

Silverman/AAI response (trigger warning if anti-SJW word salad gives you indigestion):

Live Read -- Transgender Day of Rememberance

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