Zachrilege Cast

Zachrilege Cast #203 — Mandisa Thomas

October 14, 2019

I live vicariously through others. Mandisa recently co-hosted the Women of Color Beyond Belief conference in Chicago. How fun/challenging was it to set up her own lineup of women of color? How did she keep her cool while being interviewed by a parrot? How does one get a Black Nonbelievers affiliate set up in their town?

Mandisa links:

Twitter: @mandy0904 and @BNonbelievers

Instagram: mandisa0904 and bnonbelieversinc

YouTube: BlackNonbelieversInc


If you want a one-sided discussion on David Silverman full of incel language and tough-guy talk from a guy who disappeared for a year, tried on the apologetic suit for a while five months later and now "has no regrets", feel free to listen to the episode of Free Thought Prophet. I've seen a shift in the atheist community in the past decade but I'm also aware that this dark side has been there all along. I think a show that consistently platforms white atheist dude leaders who have been credibly accused of sexual assault and rape should have to defend themselves. They do it, shall we say, poorly. 

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