Zachrilege Cast #148 — Jerb the Humanist

June 21, 2018

The Prophet is dead. Long live the prophet. Jeremiah now is Jerb the Humanist. He’s a PhD student in chemical engineering who wants to educate people and admits when he’s not an expert. The SJW Circle Jerk with Ari Stillman is the side project and it’s a quality show as well.

Jerb links

Jerb Youtube

SJW circle jerk

First interview with Jeremiah, episode 21 of ZC:

Links that my patreons think you should check out

Hope After Faith

Nathan Dickey A Leap of Doubt episode 8: Science-Based Politics

Mython V “why is it so problematic” corner:

Very Bad Wizards discussion on The Conceptual Penis (Peter Boghossian/James Lindsay)

Chrisiousity’s video series on Armored Skeptic/Shoeonhead and their #skepticism

MythCon guest The Quartering’s sexual harassment

Richard Carrier, guest at MythCon, problematic history

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Zachrilege Cast #147 — Marissa Alexa McCool

June 15, 2018

Third time’s the charm, except for my internet connection which was as bad as a recent Supreme Court decision. Marissa brought the A game, reading from Once Unspoken, talking about her withdrawal from the wrestling world, what it’s like to have a house full of cats, kids, and partners, and her retort to the Vagina Monologues.

Marissa links

Buy Once Unspoken from Marissa (get it signed by her)

Marissa’s Website

Marissa’s produced shows -

Inciting Incident Podcast:

Inciting Incident 150th episode with Bethany Futrell, Alix Jules, Mandisa Thomas, Stephanie Zvan, and Jenica Crail -

Live Read links

Brainstorm Podcast

Polite Conversations #46

Atheist in the Trailer Park

A Leap of Doubt #13 (Sally Hunt)

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Zachrilege Cast #146 — Sally Hunt

June 11, 2018

Sally Hunt came on the scene after finding out that a evangelical Christian group called Thrive was teaching sex education in schools around her St. Louis, Missouri home. She joined a protest and has seen positive results. From that she turned her attention to a giant (and I mean giant) In God We Trust sign put up at a city council chamber. The mayor had her escorted out by police and because of that she got the attention of Fox News and absolutely killed it on the Laura Ingraham Angle show. We talk about all that and how to deal with the wave of negativity you get from being an out atheist, and sometimes it’s from fellow atheists.

Sally’s links



Fox News Laura Ingraham



The Freethought Prophet interview for the story of her and Jim Helton/American Atheists (43:45 in)


The Lemon test (not involving an actual lemon)


This week’s Live Read podcast/show of the week, A Leap of Doubt

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Zachrilege Cast #145 — Jeanne and Deborah

June 3, 2018

We bring back my Greek chorus, my chat room mainstays Jeanne and Deborah to talk about books. It’s mainly Jeanne and Deborah discussing the books that meant so much to them growing up, and I throw in one or two for good measure.

I’ll post my links first because there’s a ton of books. Read early, read often everyone.

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Watership Down

Charlotte’s Web

Old Yeller

American Gods -- Neil Gaiman

Lamb -- Christopher Moore

Citizen of the Galaxy -- Robert Heinlein

A Wrinkle in Time -- Madeleine L’Engle

Someplace to Be Flying -- Charles de Lint

Speaker for the Dead -- Orson Scott Charles

Tamora Pierce

Robin McKinley

Ender’s Game -- Orson Scott Card

Sabriel -- Garth Nix

Fox in Socks -- Dr. Seuss

Ish -- Peter H Reynolds

Chronicles of Narnia -- CS Lewis

Davita’s Harp -- Chaim Potok

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy -- John Le Carre

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie -- Muriel Spark

Alif the Unseen -- G Willow Wilson

I Am Pilgrim -- Terry Hayes

Black Beauty -- Anna Sewell

National Velvet -- Enid Bagnold


Zachrilege Cast #144 — Kelly and Jim Helton

May 30, 2018

We start with 15 minutes of Kelly Helton. Kelly is the 13-year-old daughter of Jim Helton and you’ve probably seen her speak on equality, science, and atheism around the country. If she can do it, well, you might not be able to do it but she’s inspiring.

Jim Helton is the National Field Organizer of American Atheists. He used the ACES model (listen to find that one out) to develop a local organization called the Tri-State Freethinkers that challenges local lawmakers and most famously took on Ken Ham’s Ark Park. Where does American Atheists go post David Silverman? They’re already on the way.

Kelly/Jim links

Kelly at the 2018 Cincinnati Women’s March

Live Read focus on Chrisiousity’s takedown of Real Peer Review

Original video:

Response to responses with Kristi Winters:

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Zachrilege Cast #143 — Cory Johnston

May 25, 2018

We're at high odds that I'll end this episode by apologizing to a Canadian. Cory Johnston is the co-host of the Brainstorm Podcast and (deep breath) the Hardcore Skeptic, Skeptic Voices and Positively Skeptical. Sense a theme? We talked about his four podcasts, how Canada got to have a real left-wing political party, and how has the atheist community change since podcasting became part of it.

Brainstorm/Cory links

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Zachrilege Cast #142 — Larry Yellingman

May 11, 2018

Larry is the man who yells at news. He's 13 episodes in, bringing on his favorite podcasters to share their favorite bad news stories. We talked about growing up non-religious, what it's like to make last-minute guest requests (can't relate) and how the show might change in the future.

Larry links

North Carolina mayor wins election, gets DUI

Zach bad stories

Georgia tries to ban LGBT adoption


Mom tells kids to believe in God, wrecks car

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Zachrilege Cast #141 — Deborah and Jeanne

May 5, 2018

In the never-ending battle of good and evil, Deborah Smith and Jeanne Ikerd can be both. We discussed sexism in the atheist community, will they grace us with a show or shows in the future, and when women lose agency in an attempt to create the perfect world.

Nobel Prize in Literature postponed for 2018

Tom Brokaw and #notallmen

Should White Men Stop Writing?

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Zachrilege Cast #140 — Godless Heathens

April 25, 2018

Jerry, Jeff and Don are the Godless Heathens. These fine gents met north of Atlanta and got together to talk about the atheist community and whatever crosses their minds. They are also fans of the beer so we got along famously. Note that this was my first “live” podcast, so we were all in the same room. We talked about the show, the current state of “airing of grievances” and their individual religious backgrounds.

Show links

Secular Soup (thanks for the bowl)

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Zachrilege Cast #139 — The Interesting Life of Priss

April 19, 2018

Priss creates personal and intimate content. She’s shared her journey to becoming the poly, trans girl that she’s always wanted to be. We talked about the work that goes into producing the show, why she prefers to bring her guests “on set” in Nashville and what supporters get for helping her along the journey.


Transgender Podcaster Visibility Initiative


The Interesting Life of Priss


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