Zachrilege Cast

Zachrilege Cast #255 — Robert Stanley

June 14, 2021

Robert Stanley comes back! We talked about his thoughts behind starting a podcast and how he’s still motivated to do it. We discussed some of his episodes like the debate on systemic racism, a debate on evolution, the problem of evil, and the atheist who turned Muslim. We also had a short “spirited” debate on left versus right wing violence due to protests. I still don’t know if I could do a debate, and whether I’d get anything out of it. There’s a little bit on platforming and forgive me for the odd during the day recording and the no beer.


Robert links:


25 dead people due to “BLM” protests


Just in case you forgot about David Silverman:


I’ll admit that I haven’t watched this debate, just nibbled at the corners like a major league pitcher. I struggle with debates. I find that people are trying to win instead of actually having good points and trying to discuss the diverging sides. So yeah, CRT debate and it involved my buddy Aaron Rabinowitz so check it out if you dare

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