Zachrilege Cast

Zachrilege Cast #205 — Justin Scott

November 11, 2019

Scott returns after a 142-episode gap. What has he been up to? It depends on the point of view. For politicians, it’s probably annoying them with pesky facts. For him, it’s education. He’s been asking Democratic candidates about having a secular outreach director and their response is to say what religion they are so fast that your head spins. Wait, I thought a religion was social justice-ing too hard. Anyway, it’s possible to emulate Justin and speak up for secular people which by the way should be all Americans. 

Justin links:

Justin’s youtube channel with the Presidential candidate videos:

Joni Ernst won’t cross the NRA to vote for the Violence Against Women Act

Joe Biden tells Justin he has no faith outreach director. Oops

Pat Tillman’s legacy

Leo Croce, Justin Scott’s great-grandfather

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