Zachrilege Cast

Zachrilege Cast #187 — Bart Campolo

March 30, 2019

If you're wondering where the bald white dudes have gone in the atheist community, I have the ultimate example here. Bart Campolo is the host of Humanize Me, a podcast more than 400 episodes in the making. He's also the author of Why I Left/Why I Stayed, a discussion on Christianity with his father Tony. I also saw him tear up the stage at Nanocon last weekend. Let's talk about how much of a conference you miss when you are performing, traveling the atheist/secular circuit, being a humanist chaplain and how to create that local secular group of your dreams.

Bart links


Leaving my father’s faith documentary


The True Believer: Eric Hoffer


Live Read

Inciting Incident - NaNoCon podcast performance featuring Marissa Alexa McCool of this podcast, Jen Aldrich of Not Another Atheist Podcast, Don Queen of the Godless Heathens podcast and me (with both parts)

Opening Arguments park the “Barr” episode

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